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Phases of treatment services

At Anupaan, we believe in the original philosophy - to restore health onto a sick individual 

Anupaan is with you all the way


Chronic Ailments

●        Targeted relief and management care for long running health problems.

           In today's fast paced world, lifestyle induced diseases need proper monitoring and customized care.


Knowing the patinet

  • The higher aim is to treat the patient, and not merely the disease

  • In-depth detailed Symptom Collection service –

Knowing the patient well is vital in providing the best possible care and relief. This involves gathering information about the patient’s primary problems, related discomforts - nature, duration and history of such sufferings; the individual’s physical and mental constitution and other guiding symptoms.


The Follow-up

o   A single physician can’t practically follow-up with all the patients. To fill this gap:

-   Our support team keeps track of the symptoms for each patient.

      o   As the day changes, the symptom might change. As the symptoms change, the course of treatment and the choice of medicine(s) would definitely change. These progressions need to be closely monitored and followed up, with a transparent communication system in place, to best serve the sick.


Advanced Care

●        A research-oriented treatment approach is adopted. On need basis, complicated cases are taken up by a medical board comprising of a team of doctors.

o   The team collectively studies the patient’s case, the patient’s constitution, patient’s history of diseases and then determines the best possible course of treatment.


The Course

●        As the course of treatment commences, the expectation from the physician has to correlate well with the actual occurrences with the patient.

    o  This provides the physician and the guardian/patient to be well connected and be in sync with all the updates. The patient/guardian is clear of what to expect. They are made aware of what changes/symptoms to keep track of. On the other end, all such updates are being made aware with the physician and the team.

o   If things are on expected lines, then the course of treatment is allowed to run its full course with strengthened or complimentary remedial medicines.

If there are unexpected developments, then appropriate adjustments are made on time.


Continued Engagement with patient

-    Adhering to transparent communication and provide follow-up, clarifying all doubts with the patient regarding dispensation of the prescribed medicines.

o   Process to intake the medicines

o   Guideline of when and how to administer the medicines

-          Keeping the patient aware of their follow-up schedules.

The physician's high and only aim is to restore the sick to health, to cure

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

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