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Know your medicine

A medicine is nothing more than just an agent to create certain condition in the body – like, to facilitate lowering of glucose in the blood or causing a rise in it.

A symptom in itself is not a disease. It can be categorized as such (disease) only when it begins to cause discomfort in the normal functioning of an individual. For a given set of discomforting symptoms, if the underlying condition causing them can be rectified then the discomforts would eventually go away. There is no need to address each symptom separately.  In response to a disease condition, a wisely planned prescription for medicinal agents could create a sequence of desirable conditions within the spiritual-psychological-physiological sphere; hence, providing a choice for effective course of treatment. These attempted conditions by medicinal agents would go on to trigger and eventually enable the vital force to act in a specific way: gain strength in line to that of the disease condition, erase the disease causing agent and bring back equilibrium within the trinity of life. Once that balance is restored without further complications or suppression of symptoms, the sick can then be said to have healed back to health in an ideal manner.

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