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The Vital Force

The vital force is the spark of energy that flows through each and every entity within the trinity of spirit-mind-body, driving them to function optimally and in harmony within the system. This spark of energy is unadulterated - has no form, shape, color or odor. It is like the soul which provides the spark of life and then keeps that fire burning. It is like the engine oil of a car; or like an operating system in a computer - driving all the hardware and software components to function as per the expected lines. Conceptually, the vital force is similar to the gravitational force – with no physical form, shape or color yet present to maintain the equilibrium and functionalities of various inter and itra-planetary phenomena.

Within the body, the vital force gets deranged out of its harmony when altered by any morbid (anti-life) agent. Let’s say, the purity of the crystal water gets polluted and corroded by a green dye. The particles of the dye would latch onto elements of the water, forming chemical bonds of association. As a result, the colorless water would now assume a greenish-white tone. Drawing an analogy with the vital force, here, the dye is the morbid agent. With the alteration in color, density, viscosity of the-once-crystal water (vital force), its normal functionality and interactions with various essential and peripheral organs including the spirit, mind and body gets affected. Such a condition is disease inducing.

· Under a deranged vital force, the spirit, mind and various organs feels strained to continue their function; their individual operation gets impacted. Like, parts of an engine begin to malfunction if made to work under effects of adulterated engine oil. Over time, the affected vital force begins to give out signs of malfunction in the form of one or more discomforting symptoms. As such, the equilibrium in trinity of life has been, thus, shaken.

These set of changes in the normal functionality of various organs constitute the degree of deviation from the previous healthy state. Correcting this deviation and removing this entire set of discomforting symptoms signify the ideal treatment – restoring the health back to its previous healthy baseline.

To achieve the said target, one has to find a suitable remedial substitute with enough potency strength that can nudge way the morbid agent (in this case – the green dye) and instead takes its place to form the bond of association with the water molecules - until the water gains enough strength to identify and isolate such greenish dye agents; and become enabled to repulse further attacks. In the process, as the greenish dye gets separated, its influence over the water is removed. As such, the crystal water (the vital force) reassumes its earlier pure and colorless form – going back to its healthy state.

For the time being, particles of the induced medicinal remedial agent would form bonds of association with the water molecules, thereby impeding the particles of morbid greenish dye agent from forming any more bonds with the water molecule. In an organic way, this would separate the dye and colorless water by breaking the bond of association between their component particles.

A medicinal remedy is nothing but an agent to create a certain set of conditions in the spirit-mind-body sphere. It can work as remedy only when it is able to nudge away and replace the dye (disease causing morbid agent) entirely from forming any more bonds with the vital force; thereby removing the influence of the disease condition. To accomplish this target, the particles of the remedy take the place of the morbid agent and form those associations with the crystal water (the vital force). For this to happen, the medicinal agent needs to have higher potency strength than the morbid agent. To achieve the target, the selection of the appropriate medicinal agent is guided by the set of symptoms arising from the disease condition.

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